about Shaolin Kung-Fu


is a Federation, who founded by Grand Master Velu Krishnamurthy and his student Sifu. Sameer Mhatre.

All India Chinese Kung Fu Federation {AICKF} is a non-political organization in India. AICKF is a first organization in India have authorized and Registered under Indian Government Societies Act 1860/21.

Our goal is to promote a Kung Fu and spread in Indian Regions. AICKF organized National Kung Fu Festival [competition]. AICKF also organized kung fu seminar / Training Camp. AICKF welcomes the Real Kung Fu Masters who think about future of Kung Fu and want the unity of Kung Fu in India.

Martial Arts is not about fighting; it's about building character

Competition Rules

Martial Arts

Full Sanda Rules

Age category includes senior ages from 18 years up to 35 years minus one day. Men weight categories -55,-60,-65,-75,-80,-90. All matches are conducted in a ring 7 x 7 or 8 x 8

Kung Fu Tao Lu Rules

All India Chinese Kung Fu Federation (AICKF) is the national federation of Traditional kung Fu. The respectful Kung Fu masters may compete a Masters Taolu bare hands and weapons category.

Light Sanda Rules

Light Sanda system allows the Competitors to compete with no risk of serious injury under safety rules, Which takes into Consideration male and Female juniors,

Shaolin Martial Art

Qigong (Chi Kung)

Sanda (Sanshou)

Taiji Quan (Tai Chi)